A smart home for your company's photos and videos

Smart Library

Organize photos and videos and build a powerful search and navigation experience for users

Image-based Collaboration

Allow on-field users to collaborate with remote experts by using photos and videos

Customized AI

Train WizyVision’s powerful AI to recognize your products, machines, installations and put images at the heart of your business processes


A photo & video hub for 100% of your staff and partners

WizyVision is designed for the way people take photos and videos today. All your company staff and partners can use WizyVision from their mobile device, to enable full digitalization of business processes.


Cloud native + AI-based = 100% Smart

Powerful Search

Let our embarked AI auto-tag your images and videos, and leverage crowd tagging within your company

Custom AI

Train AI to recognize elements relevant for your company: products, machines, installations...


Collaborate on photos and videos to share knowledge and expertise remotely


Allow any user in your company to contribute directly from smartphones and mobile devices


Connect WizyVision to your business applications to enable picture-based processes (maintenance, production, security, orders…)


All our plans include 100% of users within your organization, to ensure the success or your picture-based digitalization


Pay as you go. Unlimited users.