Accelerate Frontline Work with Images

Enterprise Camera App for Photos and Videos

  • Use digital images to make operations more responsive
  • Accelerate workflows with images worth a thousand words
  • Secure digital assets in your cloud database, nothing is stored on the phone
  • Give your teams peace of mind, never mix private and work related images
  • For all frontline workers, even those without email

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5 steps to work smarter with images

WizyVision innovates with the first Image centric solution to digitise frontline work:

  1. Capture photos and videos on the Frontline
  2. Read images: Automated extraction of text, QR code, barcode, object recognition, defect detection, contextual information
  3. Store all images and associated metadata on the Cloud
  4. Share between frontline workers and managers using an Image Feed with comments
  5. When needed, Act by launching the appropriate workflow

All delivered in a single Mobile App. More details.

Cloud Platform built for the Enterprise

WizyVision gives you a secure no-code platform to accelerate the job of your frontline workers while securing your data.

  1. Enterprise camera app for Android & IoS
  2. Web App for office teams to share content and connect in real time with the Frontline
  3. AI powered database to store Images, Videos and all type of files: Digital Asset Center
  4. No Code workflow solution available in real-time on the Camera App: Frontspace
  5. No Code Machine Learning Studio to build and deploy your own Object detection models
  6. A comprehensive set of APIs to interact with existing IT solutions


Schiever: Digitalization of Store Associates operations

Schiever is a French family Group born in Burgundy with stores in 5 countries. Schiever has 6,798 employees in 188 stores. It supplies another 230 independent stores.
Schiever has deployed WizyVision Enterprise Camera App to its store associates to digitalize their daily operations. WizyVision Platform accelerates the Store Associates work while also connecting with Schiever IT systems.

We were looking for an innovative solution to accelerate and simplify our Store Associates job, using applied AI on images and real time information sharing.
WizyVision team has been very reactive helping us to test their solution on-site. The simplicity of usage, agility to deploy and power of No-Code convinced us to adopt WizyVision platform

Gilles ROUX
CIO, Schiever

Transport & Logistics

DPDgroup: Take a picture - Find that lost Parcel

DPD group is one of the world leading parcel delivery networks, aiming to be a reference in sustainable delivery and become a leading enabler of e-commerce acceleration. With 120,000 delivery experts operating in nearly 50 countries, and a network of 70,000 Pickup points, DPD delivers 8.4 million parcels worldwide each day – 2.1 billion parcels per year – through the brands DPD, Chronopost, SEUR, BRT and Jadlog.

sunflower with bee boxed and identified using object recognition, related keywords and tags shown on the right

Agro Industry

Euralis: Organize and manage a growing collection of brand assets

Euralis is an agricultural and agrifood cooperative. They needed a solution to manage all corporate photos and videos as they’ve grown to a point where digital assets were scattered across different devices.
WizyVision’s Digital Asset Management software immediately emerged as a simple, intuitive, and adapted solution that best matched all expectations of the business.

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We were waiting for the DAM market to democratize as it happened for videoconferencing. After searching for a long time, WizyVision immediately won us over. We appreciate the solution as much as the close relationships with the founders, who are very open to discussion about the product roadmap.

Ignacio ECEIZA
Head of Digital Skills Center, Euralis


Teréga: Pipeline integrity monitoring

Teréga is a French leader in gas storage and transportation. With more than 5,000 kilometers of pipelines, monitoring the infrastructure is a demanding task.
WizyVision is used to recognize specific construction machines from drone images thus accelerating aerial surveillance processing.

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We were looking for an intelligent Cloud database of Images and Videos to connect with our business applications and store all our Digital Assets. None existed on the market. We asked WizyVision team to develop the solution and have since extended the usage to monitor our Pipeline network.

Jean Marc Jouanine
CTO, Teréga


Manufacturing and Production line

On a production line or a factory floor, it’s important to capture photos to keep a proof of quality which may be needed in case of a manufacturing defect claim. 

WizyVision enables your Frontline Workers using mobile or fixed cameras to quickly capture, store and categorize pictures of products in the manufacturing process. 

Photos are automatically uploaded to the Cloud for review, corrective actions or future safe-keeping. And all can be found thanks to object detection, OCR and lightning-fast search.

Public services

Anomaly reporting and infrastructure maintenance

Offices of public services, cities, local governments have the huge responsibility and task of making sure our infrastructure and surroundings operate as a well oiled machine. From roads and public areas to bus stops, refuse collection, public furniture; there is a vast army of millions of employees around the world whose sole role is to keep these items well maintained. 

WizyVision’s Frontspace app empowers these Frontline Workers to perform their duties in a much easier manner. The ability to instantly report on anomalies via the use of images, access to documentation to assist with repairs, proof that work or action has been undertaken.

By placing images at the center of Frontline Worker processes offices of public services have the ability to do more, increasing satisfaction for their constituents.


WizyVision DAC partnered with SmartAID for visibility of aid delivery
Full visibilty of humanitarian aid

Hundreds of international NGOs need to track aid all the way to the end recipient, ensuring donors and partners have full visibility of when, where and who aid has reached.  Having remote visibility real time from the field is absolutely critical. With multiple projects occurring simultaneously in different geographies and media scattered across different devices the risk of loosing valuable information is high.

WizyVision’s Digital Asset Center (DAC) and Frontspace Frontline Worker App enables NGOS to assign infield roles, automatically categorize missions leveraging a centralized intelligent image database.

When photos are uploaded to the cloud administrators have immediate access and visual intelligence regardless of their location.

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Inspections and Progress Tracking

Inspection and progress tracking jobs often require photos or videos to prove that a specific installation is compliant to norms. Inspection companies end up with thousands of pictures, which need to be organized in an easy and scalable way.

WizyVision does the organizing for you! In 2 clicks, your frontline workers can capture pictures of the installation, images are automatically categorized, and upload them to the cloud. You can then easily see the complete history of the item, along with the geolocation, and list of automatic tags applied.


Digitized Housekeeping Services

Hotels are soon to be full again and with that the opportunity to transform how Frontline Housekeeping staff undertake their duties. Daily tasks such as clean rooms, assessing for room damage, ensuring mini bars are properly accounted for, items not stolen, toiletries replenishment, in room repairs and maintenance can be made much easier. 

WizyVision’s Frontspace app removes the manual physical paperwork involved in housekeeping. Digitization of the room to room housekeeping process in real time decreases the instances of invoice disputes on check out by providing timestamped visual proof.

Creating a simple workflow that is image based not only speeds up administrative aspects of housekeeping but provides valuable data on housekeeping activities to hotel management.