The platform for your Frontline Worker images

We help simplify Frontline processes by organizing images and extracting visual data automatically.

Enterprise Images automatically organized in a secure, Cloud-based repository.

Solve the hassle of storing, organizing and managing images in your company:

  • Synchronize photos captured on the Frontline automatically on the Cloud – no manual upload.
  • Automatically access images with date, location, and pre-defined tags based on enterprise-grade user profiles – no manual data entry.
  • Keep photos in a safe Cloud repository accessible by Frontline workers and Back Office users. Build your digital history of assets inspection. Share photos with maintenance suppliers.

The Power of AI for lightning fast digital asset searches

  • WizyVision’s Digital Asset Center leverages Artificial Intelligence to detect and extract objects and text in images and make them available through lightning-fast image search
  • We removed complexities for a computer vision enabled Search, ready to help you build image-based processes and find any image among millions.

How Does WizyVision Work?

3 easy steps

  • Easily Capture from mobile phones or cameras on the Frontline
  • Automatically detect 100% of the text in the image as well as objects, colors and more. Save manual data entries, organise and tag your pictures automatically based on user profiles. 
  • Find images by browsing automatically organized images (date, location, Tags) or by using lightning-fast Search. Leverage all data extracted from images to allow easy access.


Detect & Tag


Damaged deliveries, Lost & Found

In transportation and logistics, millions of objects are safely delivered each day. In a small percentage of cases, parcels can not be delivered when the label is unreadable, or goods damaged. 

WizyVision image database provides AI based processing of pictures and lightning-fast search to match Lost and Found.

The same revolution of matching with image search applies to Airports and Transport hubs with lost or damaged luggages.

Manufacturing and Production line

On a production line or a factory floor, it’s important to capture photos to keep a proof of quality which may be needed in case of a manufacturing defect claim. 

WizyVision enables your Frontline Workers using mobile or fixed cameras to quickly capture, store and categorize pictures of products in the manufacturing process. 

Photos are automatically uploaded to the Cloud for review, corrective actions or future safe-keeping. And all can be found thanks to object detection, OCR and lightning-fast search.

Inspections and Progress Tracking

Inspection and progress tracking jobs often require photos or videos to prove that a specific installation is compliant to norms. Inspection companies end up with thousands of pictures, which need to be organized in an easy and scalable way.

WizyVision does the organizing for you! In 2 clicks, your frontline workers can capture pictures of the installation, images are automatically categorized, and upload them to the cloud. You can then easily see the complete history of the item, along with the geolocation, and list of automatic tags applied.

24/7 access to images with enterprise-grade access rights and low-code integration:

  • Make secure collaboration seamless between Frontline and Back office teams
  • Build custom profiles, access rights and permissions to allow the secure sharing of assets among colleagues, suppliers, customers
  • Make WizyVision your unique image repository for your IT solutions, using our REST APIs

WizyVision Digital Asset Management Solution empowers our customers

Teréga: Pipeline integrity monitoring

Teréga is a French leader in gas storage and distribution. With more than 5,000 kilometers of pipelines, monitoring the infrastructure is a demanding task.
WizyVision is used to recognize specific construction machines from drone images thus accelerating aerial surveillance processing.

excavator identified and tagged by image recognition software

sunflower with bee boxed and identified using object recognition, related keywords and tags shown on the right

Euralis: Organize and manage a growing collection of brand assets

Euralis is an agricultural and agrifood cooperative. They needed a solution to manage all corporate photos and videos as they’ve grown to a point where digital assets were scattered across different devices.
WizyVision’s Digital Asset Management software immediately emerged as a simple, intuitive, and adapted solution that best matched all expectations of the business.

We were waiting for the DAM market to democratize as it happened for videoconferencing. After searching for a long time, WizyVision immediately won us over. We appreciate the solution as much as the close relationships with the founders, who are very open to discussion about the product roadmap.

Ignacio ECEIZA
Head of Digital Skills Center, Euralis

WizyVision is your gateway to cutting edge Enterprise Solutions

Coupled with Wizy Machine Learning (WizyML) Studio, here are some of our exciting WizyVision integrations

WizyML Studio:
Build Frontline Apps with Computer Vision

Harness Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for niche-specific object recognition solutions.
WizyVision ML Studio is a no-code machine learning studio, designed especially for non-technical people who want to rapidly create & iterate on object recognition models, and use them in mobile apps for Frontline Work or production lines.

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defects in production line identified by object recognition app, crack in eggs and missing label

WizyVision Document Finder image recognition app works through capture, detect, and inform

Document Finder:
Technical Documentation at the Snap of a Photo

Access technical documentation and related guides on the go.
WizyVision Document Finder is built on our unique No Code digital platform, making it easy for your business to deploy and empower Frontline Workers in days. No need for advanced integration with your IT systems. Your Business can leverage the power of Intelligent image recognition and automated matching of relevant documentation, in one camera click.

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