ML Studio | Custom No Code Machine Learning Models

Use image recognition for your Frontline mobile apps with Machine Learning Models & Computer Vision

What is WizyVision ML Studio?

WizyVision ML Studio is a no-code machine learning studio, specially designed for non-technical people who want to rapidly create & iterate. Optimize for the best object recognition model, and use them in mobile apps for Frontline Work or production lines. 

Use your created models in three ways:

  1. In your Digital Asset Center account
  2. In WizyVision’s low-code, API-connected mobile solutions
  3. In your existing applications

Key Features

No-code image labelling

From WizyVision’s Digital Asset Center, datasets can be created easily by importing images or taking pictures on the field.
Our dedicated interface for image labelling makes it quick and easy for your company experts to label images by adding tags to improve object recognition. This labelling can also be configured to be applied automatically when taking a picture from our mobile app.

No-code object recognition model training

WizyVision allows the creation of custom applications by iterating on machine learning models built for enterprises.
No technical vocabulary. No computing science knowledge. No Machine Learning expertise.
Launch the training of your machine learning in a single click. After a short period of training, visualize the performance of the model. Then decide whether additional training is needed or the model can be activated.
WizyVision helps to control machine learning training expenses through its unique option to allocate a budget for training.

worker using machine learning models to geotag and identify dry riser

man scanning a scooter with image recognition app identifying scooter model number and damaged qr code

One-click model deployment

Deploy a custom object recognition model on the cloud in just one click, or export your model to use it locally on your devices. 

Use your models either on your computers, mobile devices, or drones.

Your machine learning models can be used in:

  • The Digital Asset Center
  • Pre-built, low-code Frontline apps provided by WizyVision
  • Existing, or custom built, Frontline apps

The WizyVision team is here to help, and will guide you through the best practices when deploying machine learning models.

Continuous improvement with a Human in the loop

Iterating on a machine learning model is crucial when one is looking to achieve the best results. WizyVision offers a two-layer feedback loop for continuously improving your machine learning model’s performance. Configure your account to designate users who can review and correct automatic detections to improve the performance of custom object detection. Experts can then validate these annotations already reported by users.

What are real world applications of Machine learning?

Using the WizyVision ML Studio, rapidly implement object recognition and computer vision in your Frontline operations.

Object detection in the Frontline

Reliable identification of technical assets on the go. 
Faster onsite execution and increase in worker productivity through computer vision.


Super-easy ML training with end-to-end process


Instantly recognize custom objects with high reliability


Keep the memory of visits, equipment and facilities

Linky v1 model boxed and identified on mobile phone image

trays of eggs with cracked egg boxed at 89% confidence as determined by image recognition app

Defect detection

Increased accuracy without additional manpower requirements. 
Improved quality control and build defects directory/catalog.

Train ML

No Code ML setup with visual interface for non experts


Spot non-conformities with defect detection and increase the quality


Onboard newcomers faster and spare experienced resources

Detect pests in crops

Build a custom intelligent Mobile App to automate a specific Business process.
Customer example: Provide instant expertise to farmers who want to get rid of pests growing in crops

capture, detect, inform, access remote expertise as steps in building custom object recognition app

Pest detection with WizyVision

mobile app for capturing photo of plant, uploading, and option to talk to real-time support