Visual interface for building ML datasets

Let WizyVision make Tagging easy.

It’s important that Machine Learning (ML) engineers have quality Tagged datasets to be able to create, train and improve Vision Machine Learning models.
The quality Tagging can be done only by experts which are not engineers !

These experts need a no code visual interface to:

  • Tag the initial set of images to train custom image recognition models
  • Validate and correct the training results
  • Continuously improve the performance of the model

Engineers are able to work seamlessly with experts to create and operate Visual ML models and deliver value.
WizyVision is the best solution no code solution on the market for TensorFlow models

WizyVision. No code image Tagging.
Click and Tag interface

Simply box the objects to recognize. Build a strong dataset quickly thanks to our focus mode.

Feedback loop for continuous improvement

Put human expertise in the loop to improve the accuracy of your ML model.