Remote field expertise

Real time. Expert Knowledge. Anywhere.

Whether it be utility field workers, operators in factories, or farmers in the fields, many are often confronted with decisions to make regarding maintenance, quality and/or production.
No two situations are the same. There could be high turnover or lack of training, skill shortage. Access to knowledge, information, and in many cases expertise, is needed in real-time, on the ground, to be able to triage and properly take the correct action.
Information that can be found and leveraged:

  • Documentation linked to the issue, such as user guides, etc.
  • Software data
  • Public video, info on the web
  • Previous experience, knowledge sharing
  • Expert analysis

Using WizyVision, connecting to a knowledge base can be done in several ways:

  • By automatic/text recognition of parts, machines, equipment
  • By highlighting the question directly in the picture
  • By a conversation with a remote expert or a Chatbot

All made possible from the WizyVu custom mobile app available on smartphones, tablets, rugged devices. Anytime. Anywhere.

WizyVision. Onsite intelligence for field workers.
Mobile App

Our mobile app allows any of your (authorized) employees to use smart processes involving image or text recognition on the go.


Use the chatbot conversational interface for sharing data and information in a more modern way than with classical forms.

Custom image recognition

WizyVision features a no-code interface covering the full process of machine learning, to build your own object recognition models, fit to your business needs.

Integration with IS

Easily switch from experimentation to full integration to your existing IT solutions and infrastructure thanks to our connectors and standard API.


Allow field workers to share knowledge and insights remotely by commenting on photos and videos in WizyVision.