Aerial Views

Let WizyVision find a needle in the haystack.

Monitoring and maintaining a large facility or infrastructure is a difficult task. Using photos or videos taken by planes, drones or satellites helps manage the task. This is called Aerial Views.

Navigating through such an expanse of data, millions of pictures with different kinds of elements to detect is an additional challenge in itself requiring:

  • Expert knowledge
  • Extended time (meaning extended budgets)
  • Uncertainty of what requires detection

WizyVision has the answer: automation.
Computers can be trained to detect possible issues and dangers. Beginning with human validation, coupled with specialized skills, different models for each type of defect or issue, computer learning performance continuously improves.

WizyVision. Detection automated.
Custom image recognition

WizyVision features a no-code interface covering the full Machine Learning process to build object recognition models that fit your business needs.

Feedback loop for continuous improvement

Put experts in the loop with our unique no-code Feedback loop interface that allows humans to correct automatic detections and improve machine learning performance.

Integration with IS

Easily switch from experimentation to full integration with business applications and infrastructure thanks to our connectors and standard API.