NGO Use Case: Smart Aid

SmartAID is an international humanitarian and disaster relief organisation specialising in delivering innovative technology to the field. They deliver humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs where they are most needed, globally.


Up until late 2019 SmartAID would deploy its own volunteers on the ground to work in each project to work directly with Partner NGOs and capture photos of aid shipments in action. With the advent of Covid 19 – this was no longer possible due to changing border and immigration requirements and safety concerns.

With a Board and Management team dispersed across different locations and time zones it was immediately apparent to SmartAID that a solution to have remote visibility real time from the field was critical in continuing to reach those people who needed help, to continue to be able to report back to donors and support ongoing fundraising efforts


That solution for SmartAID is the WizyVision Digital Asset Center (DAC) and WizyVisions Frontline Worker App (available in Google Playstore and Apple App Store) built on Google Cloud and Google’s Vision API. WizyVision is a cloud SaaS product that uses images to power Frontline Work.
The SmartAID administrator is able to pre-configure projects and missions in the DAC and invite users who are on the frontline at the location where aid is being delivered.


  • Mobile focused
  • Remote collaboration
  • The role and enforced tagging by DAC admin means that the photo is automatically sorted and categorized in the DAC on upload from the field
  • The Frontline Worker does not need to worry about who to send items to or when or how
  • Device storage is no longer needed and digital assets are secured in one place with user access controls in place for additional security
  • Significant time saving as photos and documents are already sorted and very easily to search
  • Management and Board have the ability to view all projects from their phone, or desktop, can choose and download assets to send via email or photos to post on social media, add tags and additional information to enhance data sets
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Key Features

  • Customer roles allowing to create User profiles with automatic tagging – Frontline users have no data to enter
  • WizyVision Mobile app available on Android and iOS requires no specific IT deployment
  • Geotagging and timestamp available on any mobile device bring the proof of delivery at the right location on time
  • Public sharing of images helps easily communicate on social media and through the web
  • The Cloud-based WizyVision platform provides simultaneous access for many users on web and mobile, immediately after photos are captured