Migrate from Windows servers or Cloud Drives to WizyVision

Let WizyVision unleash the power of the cloud.

Gone are the days of image and document storage on individual servers, at risk of loss or damage. The cloud era is here and with it comes a wealth of benefits, including smart search and easier sharing.
WizyVision is built on Google Cloud Platform and is able to take advantage of all the functionality and world-leading innovation that Google has to offer.

Unlimited storage

Because the Cloud is so scalable, the limit is whatever is imported into the account each month.
However, in reality, there is no limit. It’s possible to import as many images and videos as required.

Bulk import

WizyVision supports CSV templates. All metadata can be imported to WizyVision. Free of charge.

We keep your data

All metadata, IPTC and EXIF, can be imported.
If you have custom metadata, simply create specific fields for hosting it before importing (see “Custom metadata”).

Safe exit

Should a customer ever want to leave WizyVision, data and metadata are safely exported to allow for import in another platform.

WizyVision. Leading the leap to the cloud.