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Lidea makes a successful leap into international recognition for its new brand

Support the launch of a new international brand with Digital Asset Center

Lidea was born in 2020 from an alliance between Euralis Seeds and Caussade Semences Group. It has since flourished into a leading seed company. Launching a new brand comes with its unique set of challenges. Discover how its Communication and Marketing community leveraged WizyVision to hurdle these challenges and continue to reinforce the new brand on the international stage.


Lidea is a leading European seed company selling its varieties in 48 countries worldwide. Inheriting 80 years of expertise from the merger of Caussade Semences Group and Euralis Seeds in 2020, Lidea was launched as a new brand. In every country where it operates, the major challenge was to efficiently distribute communication materials and marketing collaterals for local translation and new crops campaigns. 

Further to that, the existing media library was not easy to update and search was not very efficient, making it more difficult to deploy the new brand worldwide.


Lidea chose WizyVision for its capability to offer a wide range of customization, its Cloud-based performance, ease of use, and Frontline Worker app. WizyVision also allowed the Communication and Marketing community to enhance online collaboration with the ability to share any type of document, such as design files, document templates, videos, and catalogues in PDF and graphic formats. 

In addition, the mobile app allows access to brand assets anytime, anywhere. It helps enrich the Frontline Worker experience by instantly uploading captured pictures during visits to crop fields and laboratories. 

Within a few days, the entire library of digital assets prior to the merger were easily imported into WizyVision Digital Asset Center. Specific roles for the international Communications and Marketing community were set up in minutes. Lidea administrators managed to improve the organization of digital assets by creating new domains, such as for social media. 

The whole international team was fully operational after an hour of training. 

The team is now leveraging WizyVision AI to recognize specific types of seeds and ensure quick search without manually tagging product references.


“This ready-to-use and very intuitive tool is a real advantage for our employees. It brings real added value to our international communication and allows the live exchange of communication tools and photos for our social media communication.

In addition, customer service is fast, efficient and brings us regular evolutions to up-date the tool.” 

Chloé Lebictel, International Communication Manager for Content and Digital within Lidea.

In WizyVision, the organization of assets is improved continuously and effortlessly, resulting in a fully autonomous Communications Team. The Communication and Marketing team has a one-stop shop for all brand assets. This allows them to share new assets instantly, be it internally or with external partners and agencies.

As a new brand, Lidea made a successful leap into international recognition with the help of a simplified Digital Asset Management tool.

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Key Features

  • Smart AI-based search allows lightning-fast access to relevant digital assets
  • Cloud-Based platform to access anytime, anywhere with maximum availability
  • Custom branding for optimal visibility of the new brand Lidea
  • Mobile app for easy mobile access and to capture images on the go (Android and iOS)
  • Customizable navigation based on advanced taxonomy 
  • Multilingual user interface and custom navigation (Tags, Categories, Domains)
  • N-tier role management to fine-tune user management and profiles