Seamlessly add WizyVision to existing systems.

WizyVision is designed as a platform that can be added to your existing information system seamlessly.

Google Vision AI

WizyVision is based on Google Cloud Platform. It uses the Machine Learning services for Enterprise ML and Vision API for all the pictures used in Google photos for your personal usage. Fully scalable and benefitting from the latest innovations from the world’s leading Cloud Services Provider.


Integrating WizyVision with GSuite is dual-sided:

  • Any photos and/or videos stored in Google Drive can be easily imported in WizyVision.
  • If using GSuite to create and collaborate on documents, images and videos can be easily imported from WizyVision.


WizyVision provides REST APIs on every functionality.
Power up your business application, include “analyzed” photos and videos into your business processes. Integration done in days.

WizyVision. APIs providing rocket fuel for business processes.