Vets and Pets

Bring remote veterinary expertise into homes and onto farms.

The global veterinary services industry is worth around USD$100B. Clearly humans love to pamper and take good care of their pets. Animals are the most valuable asset of a livestock farmer whether that be sheep, cows, chickens.

The pandemic has seen ever changing regulations on social distancing, quarantine, isolation, travel, and exercise.

So when our beloved furry friends need help or have an ailment, bite, rash, that is unknown, physically going to see a vet is less possible. Like the rise of telehealth for humans WizyVision can do the same for animals.

TheĀ  WizyVision mobile expertise app can do this in 5 steps to help.

  • Upload a photo of the animal with the problem to recognize what it could be
  • Provide contextual information on the problem
  • Access state-of-the-art information on solving the problem
  • Get recommendations adapted to the animal, breed
  • The option to discuss directly with a vet to get personalized advice if needed.