Monitor infrastructures with Aerial views

In the Utilities industry, large infrastructures are required and have to be maintained over large areas. This is demanding in terms of resources, monitoring, works, and awareness of danger.

How can sources of danger or damages reduced while focusing resources on high-value tasks such as improvement works or infrastructure efficiency? Aerial or satellite monitoring is one of the answers, but it still requires people to review thousands of images.

With WizyML Studio, easily train a model to identify specific danger sources such as construction machines near gas pipelines. Experts can focus on the few aerial images where the risk of damaging a pipe is real.

Customer use case: Teréga

Teréga is a French leader in gas storage and distribution. With more than 5,000 kilometers of pipelines, monitoring the infrastructure is a demanding task.
WizyVision detects specific construction machines on aerial views, thus accelerating the processing or aerial surveillance.