Aerial Views

In the Utilities industry, large infrastructures are required and have to be maintained over large areas. This is demanding in terms of resources, monitoring, works, and awareness of danger.

How can sources of danger or damages be reduced while focusing resources on high-value tasks such as improvement works or infrastructure efficiency?

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Farmers sometimes identify undesired plants (“adventices”) in crops. Some of them are toxic and have to be removed from the field when detected, to avoid being harvested.

When detecting the weed, the field worker is outside and has no information at hand to take immediate action.

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Store within a Store

Retailers stock and sell any number of products and branded goods for companies that do not have their own bricks and mortar store. Ensuring product quality, brand awareness, and integrity is absolutely critical to ensure successful sales.

However, every brand can’t have a resource at every physical store to check that products are displayed correctly within brand guidelines and distribution agreements.

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Images power manufacturing performance and industrial excellence.
Industrial inspection, Virtual factory, On-field expertise.
Use the many photos taken by your maintenance teams in your factories to build your installations’ virtual documentation system.
Keep track of changes.
Quickly train newcomers to the specificities of your installations.

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Vets and Pets

The global veterinary services industry is worth around USD$100B. Clearly, humans love to pamper and take good care of their pets. Animals are the most valuable livestock farmer’s asset, whether that be sheep, cows, chickens.

The pandemic has seen ever-changing regulations on social distancing, quarantine, isolation, travel, and exercise.

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