Remote expertise and collaboration

Let WizyVision enable image-based team work.

Comment on images

WizyVision allows users to comment on images and gain other users’ feedback.
This opens a variety of possibilities thanks to asynchronous discussions:

  • Request for expertise from a remote colleague (operations)
  • Sharing of insights on brand image, logo or video
  • Request for validation
  • Call to action.


WizyVision creates the possibility to add a hotspot to a specific point or area of an image. This means a user is able to:

  • Add comments
  • Add a description with links, formatting
  • Add links to documents or external references

Automated links

Links can be automatically created to their corresponding documents, thanks to object and text recognition.
Some examples:

  • Linking the maintenance documentation of a machine to its ID
  • Linking the product sheet to its serial number or reference number
WizyVision. Visual collaboration.
Comment images

Add comments and request answers from colleagues on specific areas of images


Create clickable areas / spots in images to add instructions and/or create links to external references

Automated links

Build automatic links to external references based on text recognition in the image