WizyVu: custom, mobile Frontline Work

Let WizyVision adapt to in-field operations.

Mobile app for operations

WizyVision’s mobile app enables in-field employees to leverage photos and videos from a smartphone, rugged device, or tablet and exchange information, undertake reports and request expertise or assistance.

Custom processes

Processes can be defined using Tags that are based on a user’s profile. This allows the routing of photos & videos automatically to the company’s asset library or any business or support application connected to WizyVision (see APIs). It will also allow sharing assets with specific people or any individual, by using custom roles and Access Tags.

Custom fields

Some specific processes may need a more precise set of fields for gathering data (e.g., maintenance report, quality incident, or simply custom annotation for brand images).
Through its no-code interface, WizyVision allows adding any field for custom processes. Users will instantly see them once a button has been clicked.

WizyVision. Core business processes. Embedded images.
Mobile App

Create image-based processes for field employees in a few clicks.

Custom processes

Build profile-based processes to route photos and videos where they are needed.

Custom fields

Enrich custom processes with specific information, no code, with a few clicks.

Customizable mobile app

Make work easier for frontline workers with image recognition-based access to information sources and connections to business applications. 100% no code. Easy integration.