Image based processes

Remote expertise and collaboration

Comment on images, Hotspots, Automated links.

  • Request for expertise from a remote colleague (operations)
  • Sharing of insights on brand image, logo or video
  • Request for validation
  • Call to action.

Let WizyVision enable image-based team work

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Custom Mobile App

WizyVision’s mobile app enables in-field employees to leverage photos and videos from a smartphone, rugged device or tablet and exchange information, undertake reports and request expertise or assistance.

Core business processes. Embedded images

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Connections and APIs

Built-in connectors, Webhooks, REST APIs.

WizyVision features connectors to:

  • Cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Communication channels such as Slack, email, SMS

Let WizyVision speak to other apps

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