Frontspace | Digital Workflow Solutions Frontline Workers will love

On the Frontline

Frontspace empowers Frontline Workers

In the office

Frontspace boosts the efficiency of your organization

  • Work done faster, with less errors
  • Make collaboration between Frontline Workers, Office workers and Customers more efficient
  • One of the best ROI you can achieve from digital technologies
  • Outsmart your competitors
  • Build simple workflows in minutes

Images are the new interface for Frontline Workers

  • Start your business processes with taking a picture.
  • Automatically extract data from the picture.
  • No more typing text on Mobile phones.
  • Speak and Click.

Customize your mobile experience to fit your Frontline processes

Frontspace is an easily customizable mobile app built to streamline processes with images at the center. Create your image-based process in minutes, based on:

  • Data you want to extract from the images.
  • Frontline Worker job types.
  • Status of each step within a job.
  • Fine tune authorizations based on Frontline Workers profiles.
  • Custom fields to retrieve relevant information for any job.
  • Language selection.