DPD: Lost and Found for Couriers

Take a picture. Find that lost parcel.

With 2 billion parcels delivered per year, DPD is the largest parcel delivery network in Europe.

While the immense majority of parcels are delivered to the intended recipient, a percentage have their labels damaged. Those parcels can not be delivered and enter a ‘Lost parcel’ process.

WizyVision brings image recognition to help DPD Group improve matching of Lost parcels with end customer requests to boost Customer Satisfaction.


Parcels with a damaged or lost label, where the tracking number is unreadable, are unable to be delivered to the intended recipient.
Those parcels are then handled by sworn agents, authorized to open the parcel to look for addressee or sender information. When this information is not available, the description of the parcel contents are manually entered into a database so that Customer Service can search for the parcel when the end customer requests the parcel.

With text-based description and no picture of the parcel’s content, it is very extremely challenging to match the description done by the customer with those available in the database.


WizyVision extracts intelligence from images to solve the issue of matching parcels with the end customer since they simply take pictures of parcel content using a smartphone. AI recognizes most objects and all the available text such as brands, labels, product packaging…
Thanks to this precise information provided by AI, the capture is easier and quicker.
On the matching side, the availability of pictures makes it far easier for customer service to ask questions, search the image database, and make sure there is a match.


The process of capturing information is faster, more reliable and saves time and increases workforce productivity. It is also easier to onboard new staff since capturing pictures on mobile does not require training.
The result is that customer service is drastically increased through successful and improved matching rate and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Key Features

  • Mobile capture of images
  • Object detection and text recognition
  • Frontspace mobile app to create custom processes for Frontline Workers
  • WizyVision’s Lost and Found interface on top of Digital Asset Center
  • ML Studio for custom object recognition such as hazardous logos
  • API’s to connect with the CRM and make WizyVision search available to the Customer service team