Document Finder | Image Recognition Application To Support Frontline Work

Technical documentation at hand for Frontline Workers

Work faster, Save time, Increase security

WizyVision Document Finder is an image recognition application that helps Frontline Workers save time and gain efficiency in their job.

Capture, Detect, Inform: 3 easy steps to leverage object recognition and bring information to the fingertips of on-field Frontline Workers.

image recognition application identifies object, location, maintenance instructions, and recommends cleaning for street lamp

When Frontline Workers need access to technical documentation on the field

  • Finding information stops the flow of work
  • Keying in information for search can be a challenge:
    • Reminder of the name/reference of object
    • Reading the ID/reference
  • Technical documentation needs to be organized to be accessed, which is seldom done

Image Recognition Application Key Features

WizyVision Document Finder is built on our unique No Code digital platform, making it easy for your business to deploy and empower Frontline Workers in days. No need for advanced integration with your IT systems. Your Business can leverage the power of Intelligent object recognition and automated matching of relevant documentation, in one camera click. 

Using WizyVision Document Finder guarantees each Business builds their historical Digital database of field assets in one single secure repository that is geolocated and accessible in real time by the back office team.

WizyVision Document finder comes with your own mobile App branded with your Business logo as well as your own secure and unlimited digital repository.

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capture, detect, and inform model applied in object recognition app to support frontline workers