Digital Assets Center | All your image content in one place, shareable, searchable

Enterprise Images automatically organized in a secure, Cloud-based repository.

Solve the hassle of storing, organizing and managing images in your company:

  • Synchronize photos captured on the Frontline automatically on the Cloud – no manual upload.
  • Automatically access images with date, location, and pre-defined tags based on enterprise-grade user profiles – no manual data entry.
  • Keep photos in a safe Cloud repository accessible by Frontline workers and Back Office users. Build your digital history of assets inspection. Share photos with maintenance suppliers.
  • Manage Digital Assets in a single repository for your teams: images, videos, PDFs, office files, design files, sounds, and more.

The Power of AI for lightning fast digital asset searches

  • WizyVision’s Digital Asset Center leverages Artificial Intelligence to detect and extract objects and text in images and make them available through lightning-fast image search
  • We removed complexities for a computer vision enabled Search, ready to help you build image-based processes and find any image among millions.

Easy, secure access by web and mobile

WizyVision Digital Asset Center is accessible 24/7 from any device by browser or through our mobile app (Android and IoS).

  • Upload and access images on the go, and use voice to text for comments.
  • Automatically get geolocation, date and Tags in images according to custom user profiles.
  • Grant access to any employee on web and mobile, as well as external users with full or limited privileges.
  • Apply custom privacy levels to any content to keep it confidential or share it on a public website.

Enterprise-grade repository of images

The Digital Asset Center provides all the advanced features and customization option relevant for any organization:

  • Access rights: custom profiles, access rights and permissions
  • Privacy: fine-tune sharing of assets for internal teams and partners (contractors, suppliers, customers, press)
  • Taxonomy: advanced content organization with Tags, Categories and Domains
  • Smart Search: text extraction (OCR) and object detection and tagging
  • International: multilingual interface with translatable tags
  • Custom branding
  • Single Sign On
  • APIs: full REST API native platform
  • Computer vision: custom object and defect recognition with WizyVision Machine Learning Studio

The Power of the Cloud for scalability, security and connectivity