Manage access and security

Let WizyVision create profiles and manage users.

High-end security

All our accesses are based on Google Authentication (GAuth).
Our teams do not have access to your account unless specific authorization from the Account owner within your company.

Advanced User management

Easy User management makes WizyVision an easy-to-deploy Digital Asset Management:

  • White-list all users from one / several domain names (e.g., all users having an email).
  • Grant specific permissions to certain individuals, for higher permissions or external partners.
  • Manage users through your IAM and connect WizyVision.. We’re OpenID compliant.

Set up Custom roles

Custom roles can be created in a few clicks to:

  • Create a custom version of an existing role and modify specific privileges (e.g., disable download of images for a user profile)
  • Create a list of persons who will have specific access to some assets.

Use standard access roles or define custom permissions for your users.

Access tags

Use specific Tags to restrict access to a set of pictures.

Domain whitelisting

Specify the domain names used by your company to generate seamless access for your users. All of them.