Powerful and native Android Mobile Device Management Solution

WizyEMM is the first Android MDM solution focused exclusively on Android Enterprise. We built our solution from the ground up for Android, using the newest Android Management API. We are the best-in-breed mobile device management for your Android Enterprise deployments.

Android Mobile Device management made easy

App management

Silently install and updates business apps, public apps, private apps, web apps

Kiosk Mode

Single and multi apps lockdown with custom branding

Security Compliance

Lock, wipe, passwords reinforcement, Wi-Fi, certificate and VPN management

Content Management

Push files to your fleet. And soon, retrieve files to a server


Locate the position of your corporate fleet in real time on a map

Remote Control

Remote view of all your Android devices. Take control of your devices for 10 manufacturers

Android MDM Solution supporting all ownership types

Fully Managed

Full control of data and applications. Applying advanced restrictions.

Single Use

Single app kiosk or multiple app kiosk mode.
Limitation to certain specific applications or use cases.

Work Profile (BYOD)

Allows employees to use their own phone for work.
Total separation of environments.

Main features

Providing a wide range of features to speed up Android Mobile device management.

Ensure devices are always productive

Maintain devices up and running in the field

  • Upload, push, configure and update apps
  • Start applications remotely
  • Send message 
  • Remote control
  • Live feedback on device configurations with the feedback channel
Enroll devices in seconds

Streamline device enrollment 

Secure devices with a list of over 50 different policies

Make sure corporate data is not compromised

  • Hardware policies (Disable Camera, VPN…)
  • Network policies (Disable Calls, SMS…)
  • Network configurations
Manage files
  • Push files to your devices
  • Automate during enrollment
  • Sync files from the device to a server (coming soon)
Set up alerts to be kept informed on any configuration issues

Always keep an eye on your Console 

  • Notifications
  • Events
Know where devices are in the field

Be aware of where your devices are in the field

  • Geolocation
  • Geofencing

Mobile device management for Android with the latest technology

Secure and control your Android devices

With WizyEMM, secure your Android devices by enforcing strong passcodes, VPN, factory reset protection and multiple restrictions and policies. For instance, you can deny data roaming, disallow adding users. Deploy apps in a separate work profile to enforce protection for work apps and data.

About Mobile security

Your Android fleet at a glance

Organize multiple levels with labels, filter and perform mass actions

Quick access to alerts and events

Set up alerts to be kept informed on any events or configuration issues