Smart search

Let WizyVision detect both object and text.

Scalable search

Whatever the volume of your digital asset library, whatever the size of your photos and videos, our cloud-based search is scalable. Experience lightning-fast search.

Search the text in images

Any kind of text included in images (signs, logos, documents, screens…) is detected and can be used to find images. Even if it’s too small for you to read. Even if handwritten. Even if upside down. Whatever the language.

Smart object detection

Daily life objects are automatically detected in images and indexed for search. Be it pets, drinks, food, vehicles, landscapes, clothes, and many other things, you will be surprised by the accuracy of object recognition. And if you’re not, set up your custom object detection in full autonomy to teach our AI to recognize whatever you need.

WizyVision. Lightning fast smart search.
Autocompletion / Suggestions

Based on the content of your assets, benefit from autocomplete for search queries and suggestions based on existing tags and previous searches.


Select filters to refine your results, based on existing metadata.


Our native Google APIs allow translating any information used for search in multiple languages.

Search by Domain

Create various Domains in minutes for easier navigation and use them for focusing search when needed.

AI-based search

We use best-in-class AI with Google’s Vision API, which improves every day, and regularly brings new features allowing a more precise, more efficient search.

Smart object detection

Detect objects and text in images. Find them easily.
Object detection