Object and text recognition

Let WizyVision demonstrate unrivalled and superior object and text recognition.

Object recognition

WizyVision detects any object in images and tags the image accordingly.
This forms the basis of automatic picture tagging.

Text recognition

WizyVision will automatically recognize any text contained in a photo or video. This text recognition then becomes searchable.

Custom object recognition

WizyVision can be trained to recognize any of the machines or products and detect them. WizyVision provides a complete process for a no-code, easy machine learning: WizyML Studio.

  • Create a dataset in WizyVision
  • Launch ML training
  • Manage the model performance
  • Deploy in one click
  • Improve Quality with users and/or experts
WizyVision. No code. Easy machine learning magic.
Vision API

The world’s leading computer vision AI is at the heart of WizyVision.

Text recognition

Be it handwritten, upside down, or too small to read, whatever the language, benefit from powerful text recognition for every asset.

Custom model for object recognition

Our no-code interface to design your custom object recognition has no match in the industry.