Mobile App

Let WizyVision power mobile assets.

Mobile assets library

With our free mobile app, WizyVision provides a true multi-OS mobile experience (Android and soon iOS). Users are empowered with access to the Digital Asset Center, providing search and browse from the palm of their hand.

Remote contribution

The photographic and video capability of smartphones enables the capture of beautiful images and high-quality video. With the power of mobility and the Cloud, WizyVision allows taking and/or uploading photos and videos direct from the smartphone. All via the WizyVision mobile app.

Custom processes and data

Contextualize tags based on user profiles and roles. The same image is viewed and used differently by multiple departments. With the WizyVision mobile app and the ability to define custom metadata based on the user profile, assets are automatically routed to where they are meant to be.

WizyVision mobile app allows defining custom metadata depending on the user profile, to route assets to the place they have to be.

WizyVision. Access on the go. Anytime, anywhere, any device.
Mobile app

Download the WizyVision mobile app and get instant access to your company brand assets such as logos, photos, and videos (requires an existing WizyVision account). 

Smart Search

Get the same powerful, instant search on mobile devices that you get in the web app.

Custom metadata (coming soon)

Define Tags to automatically attribute to photos and videos taken on the go, depending on user profile.

Mobile Digital Asset Center

Access WizyVision on the go, anytime, anywhere.