Content organization and sharing

Let WizyVision help pilot all digital assets in just 3-clicks.

Tag easily

To describe the content of your company’s digital assets, WizyVision features 3 types of Tags (or Keywords):

  • Managed Tags match your company’s vocabulary. Most of them can be easily affected to files during import.
  • Free Tags can freely be added by users, enriching the vocabulary.
  • Automatic Tags, allocated automatically to images by AI, enable Smart Search.

Organize easily

Not all functions or teams within a company require to view the same set of digital assets.
This is where Domains and Categories can help to arrange custom sets that are need-specific. In a few clicks, build a navigation relevant to the various needs in the company so that every team can access the digital assets relevant for their business.

Navigate easily

The most powerful camera is the one in your hand: most photos are taken on smartphones, which have the capability to embed geolocation data.
Geolocation provides additional filters for more precise search and navigation, such as the Map view.
You can also use geolocation in Tags to automatically geolocate digital assets that have no such data.

Share easily

Import from your smartphone or computer and share digital assets immediately across your organization. Define specific access rights to share with relevant profiles. Provide access to partners or customers to securely share outside your company.

Import and export

  • Import: Upload assets anytime from a computer or Google Drive. When importing, Tags can be allocated to specific or all assets. Existing IPTC/EXIF metadata will be kept in WizyVision. 
  • Export: We think it’s unlikely one would ever want to leave WizyVision. If that happens, you have our guarantee that your data always remains yours. All your media assets, including all metadata (imported, modified, or created in WizyVision), in standard formats compliant with similar best in class platforms, are easily exported any time.
WizyVision. Intelligent navigation.

All files can be tagged manually and automatically by AI. Tags are also used for managing specific access rights when needed.


Group Tags in relevant families, adapted to each Domain, without creating rigid hierarchies.


Your asset library can be organized in Domains to build clear navigation and provide a quick overview of your existing content.

Domains, Categories, Tags

Create user-friendly navigation in minutes.
WizyVision Navigation