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Geolocated digital assets

The most powerful camera is the one in your hand. Most photos are taken on smartphones, which have the capability to embed geolocation data. This provides additional filters for more precise search and navigation.

Geolocated tags

Imagine you have a big facility. In some cases, you need precise geolocation for assets (e.g., photos of a specific machine in The Big Factory). In other cases, you may need to overwrite geolocation with a “concept” (e.g., The Big Factory).
In WizyVision, you can use geolocated tags to group photos illustrating a location, instead of a too specific, localized coordinate.
They can also be used to allocate location data to assets that have none.

Map View

WizyVision provides a map view to navigate in photos by geographical area.

WizyVision. Geolocated digital assets for easier search.
Map View

Digital assets are conveniently displayed in a map view for easy location-based navigation.

Geolocated Tags

Tags can be enriched with geolocation to group photos and videos of the same place.


Use the power of geolocated images to enable a new way of searching digital assets.

Map View

Access digital assets by navigating in maps.
Geolocated digital assets