File format and metadata

Let WizyVision do the organising.

File formats

We support an ever-growing range of photo and video formats:

  • Photos: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF…
  • Videos: MP4, MOV, WEBM, OGV.

PDFs can also be included in the Digital Asset Center.


Tags are not only powerful but enrich the entire library. They can be classified in 3 ways: automatic (allocated by AI), free (anyone can add a free Tag to an asset), and managed Tags (managed by Admins). The library’s vocabulary can be augmented by Managed Tags and the addition of synonyms and geolocation data.

Domains and categories

Different teams may need to access assets from different points of view. Use Categories to organize the same Tags from various points of view.

By displaying some Tags in some Domains, you can display some assets in some Domains while they are not shown where they are not needed.

Standard metadata

All files can be imported with standard “system” metadata and also IPTC and EXIF data. In the same way, should you need to leave WizyVision, all your data can be exported with your assets without losing it.

Custom metadata

Admins can create additional metadata anytime by adding new fields that can be mandatory or not, specific to some profiles, or shared with the whole organization.

WizyVision. Simply, Upload, Manage, Tag.

Assets can be filtered using tags, file type, and file format in search facets.


All supported formats can be uploaded directly from your computer or Google Drive. Metadata are uploaded on the fly. Tags can be added on upload.


Your digital assets library can be organized in Domains to build clear navigation and provide a quick overview of your existing content.


All files can be tagged manually and automatically by AI. Tags are also used to manage specific access rights when needed.


All geolocated files can be found on a map view. If some files are missing geolocation data, you can still use geolocated Tags to add a location.

Domains, Categories, Tags

Create user-friendly navigation in minutes.
Domains Tags and Categories