Access Rights

Let WizyVision fine tune asset access levels.

Manage users

There are two ways to provide access to WizyVision:

  • White-list all users from one / several domain names (e.g., all users having an email).
  • Grant specific permissions to certain individuals, for higher permissions or external partners.

Set up custom roles

With WizyVision, it is possible to define custom roles. These roles can be used to:

  • Create a custom version of an existing standard role to modify specific privileges (e.g., disable download of images for this role)
  • Create a list of persons who will have specific access to some assets.

Manage accesses to assets with Tags

Once new roles have been defined, these roles can be linked to specific images using Access Tags.

Access Tags are Tags in which privacy is enabled. Once the Tag is linked to a specific role, this privacy protocol applies to users who have the role. Those users who do not have a specific role will have their access limited.

WizyVision. Customized user access.
Access Tags

Use Tags to manually or automatically assign access rights to photos and videos.

Custom roles

Create custom access rights for users to reflect the roles in your organization