User management

Let WizyVision create profiles and manage users.


All our accesses are based on Google Authentication (GAuth).
Our teams do not have access to your account unless specific authorization from the Account owner within your company.

Company profile

WizyVision is available to all users in a company
To easily provide a secure access, you can white-list your company domain so that any user connected with a valid email from your domain can access WizyVision.
If you need to add domains for subsidiaries, you can do this in the Admin interface

Standard roles

WizyVision comes with a set of predefined roles matching most needs.

Specific roles

Should you need to manage several confidentiality levels, you can create as many specific roles as you need. These roles can be granted access to specific images or to a set of images thanks to Tags.

Tag-based access rights

Tag-based access rights allow the finest access rights management ever.
Do you need to restrict access to pictures of specific areas of a building? Simply use a dedicated Tag for that.


Use standard access roles or define custom permissions for your users

Access tags

Use specific Tags to restrict access to set of pictures

Domain whitelisting

Specify the domain names used by your company to generate seamless access for your users