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Tags & Categories

Tags are keywords that describe the content of images.
In WizyVision there are 3 types of Tags:

  • Managed Tags – those that match a company‚Äôs vocabulary
  • Free Tags – those that can freely be added by users, enriching the vocabulary
  • Automatic Tags – those allocated automatically to images by AI

This is just the start.

Tags can be geolocated and have synonyms added. From there they can be organised into Categories, which facilitates the grouping of Tags, generating navigation menus with different perspectives depending on the function of a department within the organisation.


Not all functions within a company enterprise require the same set of photos and videos.
This is where Domains can help to arrange custom sets which are need specific.
Domains disply only the Tags and categories relevant from the point of view from the specific need, and hiding those images that are not relevant.

WizyVision. Intelligent navigation.

All files can be tagged manually and automatically by AI. Tags are also used for managed specific access rights when needed


Group Tags in relevant families, adapted to each Domain, without creating rigid hierarchies


Your asset library can be organized in Domains to build a clear navigation and provide a quick overview on your existing content

Domains, Categories, Tags

Create user-friendly navigation in minutes.
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