Import / Export

Let WizyVision allow you to manage your data, your way.


The WizyVision upload feature means assets can be imported anytime from a computer or Google Drive.


Admins can perform a bulk import anytime in a few clicks by defining the equivalence between imported data and WizyVision data.

IPTC and EXIF metadata

With WizyVision, existing metadata in EXIF and/or IPTC metadata is imported with respect to these standards.
When exporting data, each EXIF or IPTC field will remain in its original field.


We think it’s unlikely one would ever want to leave WizyVision. If that happens you have our guarantee that your data always remains yours. The WizyVision library including all metadata (imported, modified or created in WizyVision), in standard formats that are compliant with similar best in class platforms is easily exported at any time with no limit.

WizyVision. Your data is your data. Always. Forever.

Upload up to 200 assets in a row, and manually apply Tags to part or all of them


Perform mass imports with metadata on account setup or anytime you need to migrate from other storage

Standard metadata formats

WizyVision is IPTC and EXIF metadata compliant


Feel free to leave anytime without losing any asset or any metadata