Teréga: DAC for Utilities

Teréga designs smarter, image-based processes with a Company image repository

Support innovation and build smarter Frontline processes with a unique repository of images

Teréga is a major actor in gas transport and storage in France, with strong connections with other European countries. When it switched its IT infrastructure and applications to the Cloud to support a strategic move, Teréga needed a unique repository to house all unstructured data (photos, videos).


Teréga owns 5,000 km of pipelines in the Southwest of France, connected to dozens of facilities delivering gas to industries and cities. Terega also operates strategic energy storage sites. Teams on the Frontline take thousands of pictures each year to monitor these infrastructures, keep a visual history of maintenance works and equipment upgrades.

Following an unprecedented effort to modernize its IT infrastructure by switching to the Cloud, Teréga created a Data Factory. This project provides users with all the required data to perform better, innovate and streamline existing processes. It included gathering unstructured data such as photos and videos, in a single repository.

Teréga chose WizyVision as a native, API-based Cloud repository for its 100,000+ images.


All existing images scattered in various tools and drives were imported in WizyVision. Thanks to its API capability, WizyVision is connected to Teréga’s intranet search, allowing users to easily retrieve images when looking for information.

Teréga was also instrumental in developing WizyVision ML Studio, a world-class no-code platform for training and deploying computer vision models on demand.

In line with its IT policy to keep company data independent from third-party applications, Teréga keeps all images on its own Google Cloud Storage – an option now available to all WizyVision customers.


As a native Cloud platform, WizyVision brings benefits related to scalability: importing thousands of images, lightning fast searching and navigating among a large amount of data, whatever the number of connected users, whatever the amount of images retrieved.

With a single repository of images, all business lines can now access from their corporate intranet a visual history of facilities and equipment, brand images and communications material. Thanks to WizyVision’s easily customizable navigation and AI-based search, users can find relevant images without drowning in the more than 100,000 – and always growing – digital assets lake. Images can be reused in other business apps, such as the ‘digital twin’ of Teréga’s infrastructure, to enrich 3D blueprints with updated information from the frontline.

With WizyVision ML Studio, Teréga creates a visual history of assets and infrastructure by leveraging the capability of Machine Learning to extract data from images. With redesigned processes now more image-centric, updated and reliable data comes straight from the Frontline resulting in quicker and smarter decisions. Examples include recognizing specific equipment and detecting potential risks over underground pipelines.

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Key Features

  • Smart AI-based search helps users find the right assets among the thousands of images stored in WizyVision.
  • The API-based platform brings easy integration with the company’s intranet and business apps.
  • ML Studio brings a company capability to leverage Machine Learning to recognize custom equipment and business-related objects in images.
  • WizyVision mobile app helps easily import new visual proofs of work and keep the history of facilities and equipment updated.
  • The Cloud-native platform brings all the computing power required by users, Machine Learning, data importing, search and API calls.