WizyML Studio

Custom object recognition. Industry leading.

Image annotation

From WizyVision’s Digital Asset Center, datasets can be created easily by importing images or reusing existing assets.
Experts have the ability to annotate images by adding Tags to designate objects to recognize.
Annotation is done manually in a dedicated interface designed for quick and easy use.

Custom model training

Launch Machine Learning in a single click. After a short period of training, visualize the performance of the model. Then decide whether additional training is needed or the model can be activated.
WizyVision helps to control ML training expenses through its unique option to allocate a budget for training.

Custom model deployment

Deploy a custom object recognition model in just one click.
Object recognition can be applied to any imported image or video or specific ones only.

Human in the loop

Humans can review and correct automatic detections to improve the performance of custom object detection if needed.
WizyVision has 2 levels of human feedback:

  • Any user can contribute, and thus feed the expert review level
  • Experts can correct annotations performed automatically, optionally by picking images already reported by users.
WizyVision. Become a Machine Learning Expert in 2 clicks.
Image annotation

Allow your experts to annotate images easily in a dedicated, no-code interface.

Machine Learning

Anybody can create custom object recognition models. No Machine Learning expertise required. At all.

Feedback loop

Build a continuous improvement loop to enhance the performance of your custom models in a few clicks. Again, no code required.