Object and Text recognition

The best object and text recognition in images. Hands down.

Recognize objects in images

Be it pets, drinks, food, vehicles, landscapes, clothes, and many other daily life objects and elements, WizyVision recognizes objects contained in images. Based on Google’s Vision API, improved every day, experience our best-in-class Smart Search.

Recognize text in images

Any kind of text included in images (signs, logos, documents, screens…) is detected and used to find images. Even if it’s too small for you to read. Even if handwritten. Even if upside down. Whatever the language.

Custom object recognition

You will be surprised by the accuracy of automatic image tagging based on object and text recognition. But if your business requires detecting specific machines or products, set up your custom machine learning in full autonomy with WizyML Studio. A unique, no-code, easy machine learning interface to teach our AI to recognize whatever object you need.

WizyVision. Delivering world-class computer vision.
Object recognition

Automatically assign labels to assets, and detect objects in photos and videos.

Text recognition

Recognize text, whatever the size and language.

Custom AI

Build your own model for object recognition to initiate smarter image recognition based processes.