Object and Text recognition

The best object and text recognition in images. Hands down.

Google Vision AI

WizyVision is built on the global gold standard for AI: Google’s Vision AI.
Capable of recognizing millions of objects to tag photos and videos, detect elements in pictures, read text in dozens of languages, detect explicit content, and much more.

Object recognition

WizyVision leverages the Cloud for photos and videos with a wide range of use cases enabling sharing and collaboration.
Enterprises can train their own custom models. No code required.

Text recognition

WizyVision can be trained to recognize any of machines or products and detect them. Any text contained in a photo or video will be automatically recognized by WizyVision. This text recognition then becomes searchable. Recognition includes handwritten text, logos, brands, forms, and invoices.

WizyVision. Delivering world-class computer vision.
Object recognition

Automatically assign labels to assets, and detect objects in photos and videos.

Text recognition

Recognize text, whatever the size and language.

Custom AI

Build your own model for object recognition to initiate smarter image recognition based processes.