No-Code Tagging interface

WizyVision. Smarter machine learning. No-Code.

No-code data labeling

Labeling objects to recognize in images is a conundrum for 2 reasons:

  • those who know how to label are ML Engineers,
  • those who know what to label are your business line experts.

WizyVision enables experts. Experts can upload images, focus on the objects to be recognized, and box them so easily that it’s almost a game.

No-code Machine Learning models

WizyVision allows the creation of custom Machine Learning models to recognize specific objects.
No technical vocabulary. No computing science knowledge. No Machine Learning expertise.

WizyVision. Enabling Field experts. Saving time. Saving money.
Image annotation

Allow your experts to annotate images easily in a dedicated, no-code interface.

Focus Mode

Annotate images in a dedicated interface that helps experts focusing on doing the data labeling when required.

Machine Learning

Anybody can create custom object recognition models. No Machine learning expertise required. At all.