Computer vision

Wizy Vision Auto ML

From the WizyVision Media Library, datasets can be created easily by importing images or reusing existing assets.
Experts have the ability to annotate images, by adding Tags to designate those objects to recognize.
Annotation is done manually in a dedicated interface designed for quick and easy use.

Become a Machine Learning Expert in 2 clicks.

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No Code Tagging interface

No-code data labeling: WizyVision enables the experts. Experts can upload images, focus on the objects to be recognized and box them.

No-code Machine Learning models: WizyVision allows the creation of custom Machine Learning models to recognize specific objects.

Smarter machine learning. No-Code.

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Human in the Loop

Just after deployment, it’s important to have humans review the reliability and accuracy of custom object recognition.

WizyVision has 2 levels of human interaction with Machine learning:
Level 1 – End-users in the loop
Level 2 – Experts in the loop

Improve the performance of your ML with human feedback.

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Object and text detection

Google Vision AI, Object recognition, Text recognition.
Capable of recognizing millions of objects to tag photos and videos, detect elements in pictures, read text in dozens of languages, detect explicit content, and much more.

The best object and text recognition in images. Hands down.

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