API’s | Connect your IT Solutions

Connect your Frontline Workers

WizyVision is designed to connect with your IT solutions. Every single feature in Frontspace, ML Studio and the Digital Assets Center can be connected by Rest APIs to your existing applications.

By capturing information at the heart of business delivery – the Frontline -, WizyVision enriches IT solutions with a permanent, reliable, accurate vision of what’s occurring in day to day operations.

At the same time, WizyVision delivers to the Frontline key data points from your business applications, helping Frontline workers to be more efficient.

It’s so simple. No new project requirement. Results are immediately visible by simply plugging WizyVision into an existing network of apps.

Is there an API for that?

With WizyVision APIs, other apps benefit from everything WizyVision does:

  • Share images and all their metadata (including location, timestamp, Tags…)
  • Organize images using Categories, Domains and Tags
  • Search images and files using Tags or text extracted from images
  • Edit images and metadata to update information
  • Apply access rights and roles to handle multiple user profiles or to restrict access to specific files
  • Run custom ML models to detect specific objects in images
  • Get updates and notifications
  • Update cases created in various processes
  • Make your morning coffee – no, that one is not true.

Every single feature available in WizyVision has an API. So yes, there’s definitely an API for that.